Remote Controlled By App

Pure leaf love is controlled by the user, allowing them to select the type of music to play, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to Control the color and intensity  of the lights which will change the mood of the environment. Our special feature of Aromatherapy makes this furniture unique allowing the user to have a selection of natural aromas. Moreover is possible to select default themes and save your latest creations according to your preferences.

Technical Specifications


Bigger than a king size bed

193 cm x 203 cm

Your comfort is the most important, therefore our mattress made of viscoelastic memory foam, will adapt to the contour of your body, giving you a 100% ergonomic experience.

Every Feature of Pure Leaf Love has been carefully selected solely to contribute to our end goal which is reproducing a well-being retreat, let you body with the greatest care, lying on a bed that knows your contour



Customized Covers

Select your favorite color patterns of your choice.

All our covers are resistant to environment agents like salinity, UV rays & liquids including oils. Custom made pillow in different shapes, colors and materials. Also available in embroidery (logos, names, number, etc). 







All our covers are made of vinyl artificial leather and are resistant to environmental agents. We also provide custom made pillows to all our users to match your desired mood.


Production specifications

  • Material PE (Polyethylene) + built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • RGB LED lights
  • 16 different changeable colors
  • UL & CE certificates
  • Power supply of 100-240V 50.60Hz (Output 5v 1A)/battery or power adapter
  • Battery working time is 12-14 hours, charging time 8 hours
  • Battery information 440mAh 3.7V
  • LED light life>=50,000 hours